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Applying Your Wig

If you've never worn a wig before, it can be pretty daunting to start out with... But don't worry, we're here to guide you!


 There are a few things you'll need to fit your wig properly:

💗 mesh wig cap (included with all wig purchases)

💗 stocking wig cap (optional - we recommend grabbing a pack of these if you have really thick hair or you've opted for a light wig and you have dark hair)

💗 bobby pins

💗 scissors (we recommend small nail scissors)

💗 soft wide tooth comb or wet brush

💗 wig tape (optional)

💗 wig glue (optional)

💗 hair spray



If you've literally just removed your wig from its packaging then you're going to need to cut off the excess lace. Using your scissors, carefully cut the lace along the hairline, try to keep as close to the hair as possible. Try not to cut any of the hair unless you're planning on changing the shape of the hairline.

Note: This step can be done last as it can be easier to cut the lace while the wig is sitting on your head.


For your wig to sit well you are going to need to your hair to sit as flat as humanly possible to your scalp. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on the length and thickness of your hair. We recommend braiding into 1-2 braids and then securing the braids to the nape of your neck using bobby pins.

Optional: You don't want a random piece of natural hair poking out of your bright pink wig, right?! Gently comb away stray hair strands and baby hairs off your face, spritz some hair spray to lock into place.


Put on your wig cap. The process for this will be different depending on the type of wig cap you have:

If you are using one of our stocking wig caps - place the wig cap over your hair starting at the back of your head. Hold the back in place and stretch over the front of the head.

If you are using one of our mesh wig caps - stretch the wig cap over your head as though putting on a sweat band. Take one end of the wig cap and pull over the hair starting from front and leading to the back. 

Keep around 1-2 cm of your natural hair exposed from the wig cap.


Once the wig cap is on it is time to put on your wig!

Adjust the size of the wig if needed by sliding the hooks on the side of the cap into the desired hole. Place the wig upside down with the hairline facing you and then place your head into the wig, keeping the wig's hairline in line with your natural hairline. Holding the front of the wig with one hand, pull the back of the wig in line with the back of your head. Secure the wig in place with the comb teeth clips.

Optional: If you want to make sure that lace is stuck 👏 down 👏 you can either take a small amount of super strength hair wax, or super strength hair spray and spread/spray it lightly along your hairline and over the front of your wig cap. Allow it to get tacky and adhere the lace of your wig to the sticky surface. Press down firmly to bond the two together and she ain't going no where!



Using either your fingers, a wide tooth comb or wet brush, gently comb through the wig to loosen the curls (if any) and style to your liking.




We hope this helps ❣

Feel free to check our other blog posts for more help with your wigs!

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