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How to Wear

Below is a step by step guide on how to put on a wig. Keep in mind there is no right or wrong way to do this. You may find a completely different way which is easier or more comfortable for you!

Things you'll need:

  • wig cap
  • bobby pins
  • wide tooth comb or wet comb
  • wig glue *optional*
  • wig tape *optional*

Before you start:

If you're wearing a brand new wig, the lace may still need to be cut. With a pair of scissors (I like to use nail scissors as they're small and it's easier to be precise) cut as close as you can along the hairline of the wig. Try not to cut off any of the hair unless you're planning to change the shape of the hairline. 

Step 1:

For the best results, you're going to need your hair to sit as flat against your head as possible. Everyone does this differently and it all depends on the length and thickness of your hair. Mostly its easiest to braid the hair into 1-2 braids and twist it into a flat bun at the back of the head, keeping the majority of the bulk  to the middle and bottom part of the head. Secure into place with bobby pins.

Step 2:

Put on your wig cap. The process for this will be different depending on the type of wig cap you have:

If you are using a stocking-like wig cap then place the wig cap over your hair starting at the back of your head. Hold the back in place and stretch over the front of the head.

If you are using an open fishnet-like wig cap - which is complimentary with all Wigbox wig purchases - stretch the wig cap over your head as though putting on a sweat band. Take one end of the wig cap and pull over the hair starting from front and leading to the back. 

Keep around 1-2 cm of your natural hair exposed from the wig cap.

Step 3:

Once the wig cap is on it is time to put on your wig! Adjust the size of the wig if needed by sliding the hooks on the side of the cap into the desired hole. Place the wig upside down with the hairline facing you and then place your head into the wig, keeping the wig's hairline in line with your natural hairline. Holding the front of the wig with one hand, pull the back of the wig in line with the back of your head. Secure the wig in place with the comb teeth clips (I find that fishnet-style wig caps allow for better grip with these clips).

Step 3.1:

This step is optional as our wigs are designed to be "glueless", however, you can do these steps if you feel the need to.

Using wig tape - place small strips of wig tape to clean skin close to the hairline. Place lace over the tape and smooth.

Using wig glue - place a thin layer of wig glue to clean skin close to the hairline. Allow to get tacky. Place the lace over the glue and smooth.

Step 4: 

Using a wide tooth comb or wet comb, gently brush through the wig to get out any knots.

Step 5:

Adjust/style to your liking.

Step 6:


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